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providing transformational experiences that create lasting impact and change.Amber is a keynote speaker, and retreat/workshop facilitator that helps audiences to UNLEASH AUTHENTIC SUCCESS. 


Embrace your Authentic Leadership Now: Authenticity is more than a buzzword; it’s the most searched word of the year online in 2022 and 2023; is a core tenet in transformational leadership, and the highest vibration a person can be. People are desperately seeking to embody authenticity within themselves, as well as desire to be more authentically supported in the workplace. Work with Amber to customize this talk as a keynote or workshop for your audience an help them immediately up-level their leadership capacity. Audiences will learn how to uncover, unlock and unleash their authentic leadership to more effectively cultivate change and create meaningful impact in team culture and community 

Cultivating Leadership Legacy for Lasting Impact

Vision to Reality

Embracing Authenticity while Fostering Belonging

Other themes include:

Cultivating transformational leadership

Team & Culture Development 

Brand Strategy

Minimizing Burnout

Values Alignment

Clarity and Confidence

Women’s Empowerment & Women in Workforce

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Engaging, transformative talks that impacts lives & facilitates change.

Authenticity is more than a buzzword; it’s a path to greater business and career success, team unity, it’s the necessary core foundational element for teaching people how to become transformational leaders, and it’s connected to minimizing burnout and improving mental health. As a transformational coach, brand strategist, and best selling author, Amber has been helping leaders and teams become more successful through transformational leadership principles for over 15 years. 

As a a high-energy, heart-centered leader committed to elevating others to step into their authentic power for the betterment of their lives, communities and companies, Amber imagines a world where heart-centered leadership is commonplace and where individuals thrive in their authenticity.

Through Amber’s background as the first generation in her family to graduate high-school, as a startup entrepreneur, transformational coach, business strategist and front-person in a metal band, she engages a unique perspective to guide audiences to connect with authenticity as a path to greater personal freedom and career success. Today she shares this knowledge through talks that guide audiences on how to embrace and embody authenticity as a catalyst for greater impact, to become more powerful leaders, and for lasting transformative change in their own lives and careers.

Audiences relate to Amber’s approachability and ability to facilitate real time change, while providing take-home tools for audiences to continue making meaningful strides.

Amber is a certified transformational coach and retreat leader, the founder of Soul Seed Strategy, front person in the band, Morningstar. Her book is a #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon best seller; and was awarded the Gold Benjamin Franklin Award as the 2023 Most Inspirational Book of the Year by the Independent Book Publisher’s Association (IBPA): Unleashed: A been there Rocked that Guide to Radical Authenticity in Life and Business.

Amber has spoken with audiences worldwide helping them to become more resilient, minimize burnout, create greater authenticity, and thrive both personally and professionally! 

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Business Topics:


For company leaders and entrepreneurs: It’s no secret that, for most companies, a huge key to success is talent. With more workers joining the freelance economy, and the workforce shrinking down, strengthening your values-based company culture gives your company a leading edge in recruitment and retention, and it’s the key foundation to your brand and marketing development strategies. This workshop can be geared to focus exclusively on culture or can be geared toward brand strategy and how values are infused throughout your entire company.


For professional and business audiences: In a recent study, 80% of businesses reported providing a superior level of customer experience, whereas only 8% of consumers report that they are regularly provided with great customer experiences. This indicates a disconnect, and also a big opportunity for your business! Over the last twenty years, there’s been a massive shift in how customers engage with businesses, shifting from the Information Era where people could seek out information online, to the Experience Era, where we are now. Today, customers desire to be taken on a meaningful journey and invest in brands that stand for something. And in an age when the internet is no longer a luxury and a beautifully designed website is the expectation, how do you take your customer on a meaningful customer experience journey? In this talk, Amber will show you how to develop a customer experience strategy, along with tactics that you can implement in your marketing to ensure that your brand is marketing effectively, for the experience era.


 Over 80% of companies are faced with a leadership gap. Your systems are only as strong as the people leading them. In this talk you’ll learn how to build a better bench of leaders and cultivate a talent pipeline by supporting individual growth, strengthening the culture and recognizing systems that can support or hinder your leadership bench efforts. 


For Service providers or companies: Defining and fully stepping into your one-of-a-kind brand is critical for success. It’s important to understand if you are branding yourself, your product, your company, or a combination. This talk can be geared toward entrepreneur service providers or for larger business audiences.


Personal Development Topics:


For individuals, business, or professional audiences: In today’s world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by being pulled in many directions between work, family, volunteer commitments, and more. You may find yourself committing to things that you no longer enjoy or spending time with people who don’t fill you up, and you are left wondering how your plate got so full, and what to do about it. A key to reducing this overwhelm is to come back to the source of what drives you and truly fulfills you. In this workshop, you will be guided through exercises to identify and prioritize your values and explore the vision you desire for yourself now, and in the future. These new findings serve as a guiding compass that will allow you to release what no longer serves you, and say YES to more of what does. This knowledge will help you develop a roadmap that removes the pressure to do “all the things,” and instead allows you to live a more aligned life with greater joy and ease.


For individuals or entrepreneur audiences: Is there something calling out to you, perhaps a whisper, indicating that you are meant for something…different? This talk is geared toward audiences who are approaching a pivot in life or career and are leaning more deeply into purpose or uncovering their purpose, looking to understand what their personal mission is, and looking to fully unleash their personal impact mission.


For professionals: How to tap into and engage your personal values, to be a more grounded leader, engage the strengths of your team, and avoid burnout or overwhelm.

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What People Are Saying

“Amber had this great way of making everyone feel included in her talk and connected to each other. Even though she was up on stage talking to a few hundred people, it still felt very personal, and not a lot of speakers can do that in quite the way that Amber does. I learned so much about brand building, the importance of company values and how to create a meaningful customer experience. She inspired me to think about and how to put these ideas into practice in my own business.”


Small Business Owner

“Working in city government, we don’t tend to think of ourselves as a brand, however, after attending one of Amber’s recent talks, I learned the importance of creating core values and defining your brand for any company or organization. I took what I learned in this talk and brought it back to my team and thanks to Amber’s teachings, we are now moving forward with defining our organization’s values and brand, which will help us have a united foundation as we move forward in our work! If you want your organization or company to thrive in today’s world, I highly recommend hiring Amber as a speaker or business coach!”


Communications Director for City Government

“I loved Amber’s talk. She was engaging, dynamic, and the subject matter was amazing. It was spectacular.”


Nei-Turner Media Group

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