Effective leadership requires cultivating authenticity.

With 77% of organizations experiencing a leadership gap, authenticity is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity for developing stronger leadership, improving retention, and creating a culture of success.

Effective leadership requires cultivating authenticity.

With 77% of organizations experiencing a leadership gap, authenticity is no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity for developing stronger leadership, improving retention, and creating a culture of success.

More Authenticity = More Success


140% increase in employee engagement

50% increase in team performance

90% increase in team innovation

150% increase in belonging

Companies with employee engagement are 22% more profitable

The cost of not embracing authenticity

Only 20% of staff worldwide are highly engaged in their work.

77% of organizations are currently experiencing a leadership gap.

Fewer than 20% of organizations have a bench of capable leaders to fill critical roles.

Only 33% of employees report feeling engaged.

Women represent 58.4% of the US workforce as of September 2022 but only held 35% of senior leadership positions.

According to one study, companies with women executives are 30% more likely to outperform other companies.

One research study found the two biggest challenges keeping women from leadership positions are that women are held to higher standards (43%) and many businesses aren’t “ready” to hire women for top executive positions (43%).

For as long as I can remember, I’ve imagined a world where people would be free to be who they authentically are, as a path for greater personal joy and success in and out of work. When we thrive in one, it’s more likely we thrive in the other. As a lifelong learner driven to make a meaningful contribution to the world, I’ve sought to engage my business skills and passion for people to help contribute toward creating this vision.

Through years of research, training, and experience, I’ve seen how authenticity has come to the surface as a core element necessary for individual and collective success. But just because I knew this to be true wouldn’t make it enough for the world to change. Now, research is catching up and proving the connection between authenticity to improved mental health, innovation, leadership, worker performance, and company retention.

Authenticity is more than a buzzword.

It is now a data-backed path to greater joy, improved mental health, reduced burnout, retention, and career success.

Authenticity is much more than a buzzword and goes far deeper than simply “sharing personal information around the water cooler.” Embracing a culture of authenticity is shown to improve retention and productivity while minimizing burnout among workers.

And lately, you don’t have to look far to see “authentic leadership” sweeping the headlines of major media outlets:

A study published by the National Library of Medicine shows linkages between authenticity at work and how it increases intrinsic motivation and workability and improved well-being.

As a certified transformational leadership coach and retreat leader, I’m passionate about human potential and what becomes possible on the other side of fear. My services center around facilitating transformation and fostering leadership among individuals, teams, and at an organizational level. As a result, individuals experience more joy and companies experience more success.

Are you ready to unlock your human potential through authenticity?

Customized Speaking & Keynotes

Amber creates high-impact experiential talks that are impact-focused and results-oriented, facilitating lasting change with audiences. Her talks integrate data with real-life experiences and practical solutions that audiences can begin applying immediately. Amber’s high-energy, dynamic, charismatic style combines with evidence-based, results-driven frameworks, tools, and strategies, engages audiences, and moves them beyond inspiration and through a transformational journey where audiences experience their own growth, real-time. Where they can apply real-life tools to expand their leadership and facilitate change within themselves and their organizations.

Tailored Trainings & Workshops

Bringing her high energy and charisma to personalized and high-impact trainings and workshops, Amber guides audiences to connect with authenticity as a path to greater freedom and career success. Audiences relate to Amber’s approachability and ability to facilitate real-time change while providing take-home tools for audiences to continue making meaningful strides. Past workshops and trainings have helped audiences to become more resilient, minimize burnout, create greater authenticity, and thrive both personally and professionally.

Consulting & Coaching

Amber is an expert at helping clients get clear on their desires and dreams and then bringing them into reality. Through private and group coaching, she engages her skills as an energetic intuitive and as a business and brand strategist to help clients transform the energetic blocks that may be holding them back while providing strategic consultation and guidance on what to shift in the business operations and brand messaging and positioning so it’s truly aligned with who they are and how they desire to be spending their time in life.

Leadership Retreats & Experiences

Amber’s unique combination to work in the space of both soul and strategy allows clients to receive both soul alignment and personal transformation and strategy guidance within a retreat experience. Amber facilitates experiences that allow clients to embody their deepest authenticity, claim their desires, and be supported to become a match for their vision, all while being supported with a practical strategy.

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Uncover your desires, unlock what may be holding you back, learn your most aligned steps and live into unleashed freedom.